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Residential Electricians

Residential electrician in Auckland

When building or renovating your home you need to know that the advice and workmanship that you receive from your electrician is of quality and guaranteed.

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Commercial Electricians

Commercial electricians Auckland

If you’re a commercial building owner or manager, we understand the importance of tenant satisfaction, with the need to earn a viable return on your investment.

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Industrial Electricians

Industrial Electrician in Auckland

In industry, we understand that the smooth operation of plant and equipment is a key factor in your ability to meet production schedules and avoid downtime.

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As a member of the Electrical Contractors Association of New Zealand our work is covered by the MASTERelectricians workmanship guarantee.

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Are you looking for dependable and trustworthy registered electricians in Auckland for your home or business?

Good Electrical is a group of electrical contractors based in Auckland that you can depend on for excellent, reliable services. Our team of electricians in Auckland Central and surrounding areas carry out meticulous, top quality work for our clients by taking care of the whole process – from initial consultation to employing trustworthy registered electricians who reliably meet deadlines. Our electrical contractors meet with clients to find and plan creative solutions for problems based on their extensive knowledge of the electrical trades.

They provide quotes, oversee job progress, and make sure that the result meets our exacting standards. Our fully registered electricians are backed by a workmanship guarantee from our professional industry body, the Electrical Contractor Association of New Zealand (ECANZ).